A Coders Life

Flat Packed World – A Coders Life – A New Direction.

The internet is a rapidly changing environment that evolves and progresses at an incredible speed. Once being a coder meant living and dreaming code everyday. Now, thanks to the evolution of open source projects and APIs, life as a coder is mostly a much more simple affair.

Because of the changing online environment, Flat Packed World is back with a newly refined direction. While still based loosely around coding, the focus is now on a coders life and ways you can improve or enhance your life as a coder and not the actual code itself.

Coders typically spend countless hours in front of computers putting their health at risk & make sacrifices along the way – particularly regarding the social side of their lives. the new Flat Packed World will help give you information and ideas to help you improve your approach to coding, working environment, work processes & ideas to engage more socially.