Office Exercise

Matching Body & Mind – Exercise For Coders

As we spend most of our lives in front of a screen…much of it coding. Our brains are kept very active and developed. Unfortunately, we often forget that our body needs exercise as well. This should be viewed as more than keeping fit or losing fat as it has many other benefits as well.

Improved Sleep

The effects that exercise can have on your quality of sleep are huge. The exercise that you do doesn’t even need to be exhaustive – just enough for you body to know that it has done something. You’ll find that your muscles relax more when tired and your sleep will be much deeper. The result is that you mind will be much fresher the day after – giving you a much more productive day.

Thinking Time

The time that you spend doing exercise also frees up your brain – some of your best ideas and thoughts can be had while doing some exercise. Your brain will also benefit from the additional oxygen flooding you blood and being carried around your body. This can drastically help improve concentration levels and focus even after exercise.

Not all exercise has to highly energetic and cardio based (eg, running or cycling) – simple body weight exercises are also beneficial to your brain power.

Keep It Loose

Whether you exercise or not, your muscles will suffer from tightness from sitting at your desk. Stretching after exercise will help you body recover – it will also help prevent aches and strains the next day. Its a good idea to incorporate some stretching into your daily life when at work, regardless of exercise – this will also help you feel more relaxed and energised.

Keep It Simple

You don’t need lots of equipment to exercise effectively – there are many exercise plans that you can do in your own home with no equipment. While you may find the thought of doing press ups dull, there are plenty of other body weight based exercises out there to get your body moving. One such example is start bodyweight – this is a free exercise plan, which once learned can be done literally anywhere with no equipment. If you prefer something with a little more explanation that can be adapted more, then the book, You Are Your Own Gym by Mark Lauren is an excellent starting point.

With a little knowledge, you can exercise anywhere – this approach can be life changing & will improve your productivity as well.